Expect a well-groomed, smiling police force


THE new acting police chief of Dagupan City Police Station wants a smiling, well-groomed police force serving Dagupeños.

P/Lt. Col. Percival Pineda said the start of serving well is proper grooming which means having a regular haircut, wearing properly pressed uniform and head gear, clean shoes  all the time is basic in discipline.

P/Lt. Col. Pineda

“So if you start doing the right thing, the rest will follow,” Pineda said.

He added that it’s important it’s equally important to serve with a smile, adding that frowning does not make people comfortable.

 “While deployed on duty , one must always smile except of course, when arresting a suspect, while enforcing  the law,” he siad.

He said a police officer must learn to role play when he is out, especially when someone is requesting for help.

“You must smile so that the person asking for assistance is not intimidated,” he added.

Meanwhile, Pineda said the rate of criminality in Dagupan is low, and most reported incidents involve vehicular accidents.

He also has instructed the motorcycle-riding patrolmen to always wear helmets when responding to situations. “Wearing helmets makes even the motorcycle riders feel that the enforcement is about their safety,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pineda said Dagupan Police will launch a more intensified operations this week against illegal drugs. 

“There will be no let-up in keeping the city drug-cleared all the time,” he said.  (PhilStar Wire Service)

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