Make barangay kapitan accountable for drugs

THE red flag on suspected large scale trading of illegal drugs in Pangasinan is up for all to see. 

The interception of P124 million worth of shabu in Pangasinan should serve as a surprise eye-opener to law enforcers in Pangasinan and in the region. That undocumented Chinese nationals were found involved and subsequently arrested should alarm communities.

What is not known is – how long have they been able to operate as shabu distributors inside Pangasinan?  That question behooves elected public officials in towns where the drug syndicate has been operating be made to account for their failure to detect the Chinese syndicate’s activities and presence in their barangays, and towns/cities.

Our law enforcers know too well that drug syndicates cannot operate in a community without official protection – at least either from the barangay official or police or both. Knowing this, it is high time that provincial, city, municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Councils should agree on a One-Strike policy against a barangay chairman in whose jurisdiction where a large quantity of illegal drugs is stashed. 

The erring barangay official should be recommended for immediate suspension and filing of criminal charges for violation of the comprehensive drugs act.   


TEN of the 12 winning senators made the Duterte Fist aka fist bump when photographers snapped a shot at them during their proclamation at the PICC in Manila.  The fist-bumpers were Cynthia Villar, Bong Go, Pia Cayetano, Bato dela Rosa, Sonny Angara, Lito Lapid, Imee Marcos, Francis Tolentino, Koko Pimentel and Bong Revilla.  Only Grace Poe and Nancy Binay refused—and their action was immediately deemed to mean both are, indeed, anti-Duterte. But, of course.  Didn’t Mr. Duterte rout Poe and Nancy’s father (Jojo) in the 2016 presidential election? 

Vindictiveness at work. The 10 fist-bumping senators must be commended for their show of support to the sustained progressive vision of the Duterte administration.  But by the contrary action of Poe and Binay, the duo only showed their true colors: Loyalty to their personal interest and not to the country.  How sad.

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