2 locals, 1 Nigerian arrested for guns

URBIZTONDO–One fragmentation grenade and a Smith and Wesson 357 Magnum revolver loaded with one bullet were seized by lawmen when they raided the house of a carpenter at dawn on June 4 in Barangay Malibong here.

The raid on the house of the suspect, Bobot Ambanloc, 38, was covered by a search warrant issued by the local court. Ambanloc, however, was not around when the raid was conducted.

Nevertheless, cases for violation of Republic Acts No. 10591 and 9516 were filed before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office against the suspect 

Meanwhile, a Nigerian national was arrested by the police for violation of RA 10591 in relation to the COMELEC gun ban in Urdaneta City.

The suspect was found in custody of one U.S. 8MM M9 P Beretta hand gun while creating trouble inside a resto bar in Barangay San Vicente at 10:45 p.m. on June 3.

The suspect was identified as one Henry Ifeanyi Atakulo, 25, of Anambra State in Nigeria.

In another case, a farmer was arrested by the police in Gualsic, Alcala when lawmen implemented a search warrant in his house in the early morning of June 3.

Seized from the house of Roberto Armiza, 61, were one Caliber 45 pistol with one magazine loaded with seven ammunition; and one air rifle. (Leonardo Micua) 

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