Find Baguio climate in San Nicolas


LINGAYEN–Barangay Malico in San Nicolas as one of the summer capitals of the Philippines. Why not?

This is possible with the election of Dr. Alicia Primicias-Enriquez MD as new mayor of San Nicolas who expressed plans to develop the town as a tourist destination.  She beat incumbent Mayor Rebecca Saldivar to finally end the Saldivar dynasty in the town.

Malico is the highest mountain peak in Pangasinan, close to the border of Sta. Fe. Nueva Vizcaya. It has a cool temperature similar to Baguio’s and is currently producing highland crops like lettuce, cabbage, Baguio beans and strawberry.

Mayor-elect Enriquez said she, Vice Mayor-elect Alvin Bravo and their fellow incoming officials all want to promote Malico as one of the summer capital of the Philippines with its weather ideal for vacationers.

Outgoing Sixth District Rep. Marlyn Primicias-Agabas, elder sister of Enriquez, confirmed  that the construction of the Villaverde Road is still ongoing but at a low pace.  Her husband, Tyrone Agabas is the incoming congressman.

So far, she said, the government already spent P1.2 billion for the project and would still need some P780 million to complete it.

Enriquez said of the Villaverde Road going to Malico:” May mga parts na concrete, may mga parts na hindi pa accessible. Ang puede lang dumaan doon ay SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles). Hwag yong car.”

From the town proper of San Nicolas, it will take motorist one hour to reach Malico,

She said during the campaign, her PDP Laban team went to Malico to woo some 200 voters from that remote village. Malico has a population of some 400, mostly from the Kangaluyan tribe.

All members of her team found Malico’s climate cool and very refreshing. The sights in Malico, Enriquez said, are truly captivating and enticing.

Cong. Agabas said she will tie up with the Department of Tourism, particularly its Tourism Infrastructure Enterprises Authority (TIEZA) in promoting Malico.

She said TIEZA could build a hotel in Malico for tourists to stay. Without such amenity, she added, tourists will shy away from Malico even if it has a temperate climate same as Baguio. (Leonardo Micua)

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