Act for clean, honest election

TOMORROW, May 13, will be the Filipino citizens’ day. It’s the day of fulfillment of the promise of the Constitution – freedom to exercise the right of suffrage.

While there are no changes in the form of exercise, a lot of changes have since taken place in the methodology because of automation purposely to expedite the counting of votes.  Ironically, the major source of contention in its application is the claim and counterclaim over wholesale cheating via the automation system employed by Smartmatic.

Of late, claims of rigging of votes cast during the absentee voting overseas continued to be reported on social media. One can only wonder if these are true accounts of cheating but whether or not these are confirmed, it behooves voters to be vigilant and seek to protect their rights should they become victims of rigging in the voting process.

In this regard, the voter must double check his/her registered vote with the receipt issued by the Precinct Count Optical Scanner (PCOS) or vote counting machine (VCM). With evidence of even one discrepancy in name of candidate, we appeal to the voter to file the formal complaint before the Board of Election/Board of Canvassers at the precinct level.

Until we take time to file a formal complaint, there is no way we can help clean up the process while we protest loudly. 

Let’s vote. Let’s be vigilant. Let’s act for a clean and honest elections.

Spotlight on Comelec

WE vote tomorrow, May 13, because it is our bounden duty to select people that we believe are willing to serve us with integrity and dignity.  Election day is the most forceful proof that democracy is alive.  Democracy was dead for 14 years when Marcos made himself dictator in 1972. After Marcos was driven out of Malacanang in the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolt, democracy was restored.  And with it came the return of election every three years since 1989. Let us then pray for an orderly and peaceful election tomorrow, imploring God’s mercy in guiding the Commission on Election to the correct path.  In fact, tomorrow’s spotlight is mainly trained on the Comelec, with the candidates merely acting as second fiddle.  For, with every successful election staged, the biggest winner, next to the Filipino people, is the Comelec.  Dispute that and you have a mind as twisted as Bikoy’s.

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