We’d like to believe…

AFTER all the strategizing, trolling on social media, vote-buying, arm-twisting, black ops by candidates to get elected, it is not farfetched to believe that today’s voters already fully realize that they hold the future development of their community in their hands.  

We’d like to believe that our millennial voters know enough of past lessons from their elders to discern who and what’s good for their community.

We’d like to believe that the mold of the old traditional politicians who think that their responsibility to the community starts and ends with their election, and believe that their winning had to do with the money paid in return for their votes.

We’d like to believe we’ve seen the end of the era of politicians who smugly react to voters’ reminders of the elected politicians’ campaign promises with: “Binayaran naman kita, ano pang hinihingi mo dyan?”

We’d like to believe that our communities have learned their hard lessons from the impact of the greed of corrupt public officials.

We’d like to believe that voters have matured enough to say: Enough with trapos, we need leaders with vision and political will.

We’d like to believe that voters have made up their minds to vote for the next generation’s future by electing competent candidates with known probity, experience in management of resources and people. 

We’d like to believe we are finally on the right track for our communities and our country.

Naked lust for political power

 IT was virtually a fight scene between a dog and a cat when Abby Binay and JunJun Binay exchanged heated words before a stunned crowd inside a Catholic church in Makati, the nation’s most progressive city.  It was pathetic, to say the least—their actions directly blaspheming the pious walls of the house of prayer.  Mayor Abby and JunJun, Abby’s younger brother, contesting the mayoral post is sickening enough as it exposes again the Binay family’s naked lust for political power. Their sister Nancy is eyeing a return to the Senate on May 13.  And their father, Jojo, is running for congressman after losing badly in the 2016 presidential polls—and after multiple stints as Makati mayor.  Bizarrely, the Binays’ greed for supremacy exists mainly because the majority of “Makatizens” vote for them without letup.  Democracy at its worst. 

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