A TRUE STORY UNTOLD. 2AM, May 14, 2019. When the Pozorrubio Municipal Board Canvassers called for her presence in her proclamation as incoming mayor, Emma Chan did not ride a car. She walked the streets to the SB Hall, no police presence at all (though her town was originally included among the eight in Pangasinan under COMELEC watchlist)! It was not planned; she just began to walk. And the followers had no choice but to follow her. As all good followers to good causes must! Mabuti na lang, walking is good for the health, for the heart! They walked in silence, looking up to the sky (for He must be smiling down on them!), breathing in the dawn’s first fresh whiff . . . of freedom. Fear-less, tear-less freedom! The silence was broken only by the sound of their quick steps. And the respectful handclaps of the Pozorrubians still out in the streets savoring this moment so unusual, so strange. No shouts, no loud greets. Just claps. Clapped, too, the night-duty tricycle drivers. It was magical. This God-blessed, thankful, peaceful walk may never happen again in my lifetime. Or yours. (Jing Villamil)

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