No fish pen policy in effect in Bolinao

BOLINAO—The local government here has started to implement its no fish pen policy after the last bangus harvest is completed in each of the existing fish pens.

Mayor Arnold Celeste said he recently signed a memorandum of agreement with fish pen operators, with the municipality of Anda, that once harvest is done in the fish pens, the operators will no longer be allowed to put anew stocks to raise.

He said bangus supply in their town will not be affected as fish pen operators will be given the chance to convert their fish structures into fish cages.

He said the conversion of fish pens to fish cages will be easier than dismantling and building new fish cages.

He said unlike fish pen, fish cage is better as unconsumed fish feeds that settle in the bottom of nets can be washed away by water current.

This way, Celeste said, it will be good for the environment.

About 200 fish pens will be affected by the no fish pen policy here.

In the past, more than 1,000 fish pens and fish cages were operated here but this number dropped to 454 units only after a massive fish kill hit the town, Celeste said.

Fish cages are located in the coastal barangays of Luciente I, Luciente II, Zaragoza and Culang, the mayor added. (With PhilStar Wire Service)

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