Graduating students in San Carlos required to plant trees

SAN CARLOS CITY—Each of the more than 10,000 elementary and high school students in public schools here were made to plant a fruit-bearing seedling prior to their graduation to help the environment and as their legacy to their school and community.

Schools Division Superintendent Sheila Marie Primicias said the requirement is one way to instill love for Mother Nature in the students especially in this time that people are reeling from the effects of climate change.

Primicias said the students were taught how to properly plant the seedlings of calamansi, guapple, mango and others.

It is only San Carlos Schools Division that imposes the planting a requirement., she said. 

The planting of fruit-bearing trees started last week as graduation ceremonies of schools start on April 1.

 She said “if all students in the Philippines plant a tree, the heat that we are experiencing will ease and flooding would be minimized” but she lamented that students in this age “don’t know how to plant.

Primicias said students were told to plant on any vacant space, with the permission of the lot owner, if they do not have available free space in their own backyard.

She said she intends to convince private schools to adopt the policy.

 She pointed out that while the policy is embodied in a DepEd order, it is viewed more as an optional activity.

The teachers who accompany the students validate the accomplishment by posting a video of the activity  in Primicias’ social media account Messenger.

“That way, it’s also paperless and it will again save time and help as well the environment,” she added.

She said already launched several Aksyong Pangkalikasan, Pangkalinisan, Pangkalusugan and Pangkagandahan in the past..

A memorandum of agreement with the barangay councils to ensure that those planted will be protected and grown fully, she added. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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