Name-calling, a reflection of character

AS we have all come to learn, election campaign is the season for mudslinging and denigrating character of candidates. Candidates equally accuse each other of committing lies, pocketing bribes, misusing public funds, political dynasty, incompetence, protector of criminal activities, etc. All these are par for the course.

What goes beyond political civility is when candidates and their supporters resort to name-calling aimed at insulting mainly the physical appearance of a candidate and making it a cause for banter during causes and rallies.

Perhaps no candidate will go out of his/her way to file a case of libel, cyber libel or slander but should the name-calling become a habit of sort, resorting to the same name-calling after the election, is a sure case for conviction of cyber libel if the insult is posted on social media.

And as political pundits correctly adduce, only candidates desperate for attention and legitimate issues resort to name-calling out of sheer bitterness.

Respect and civility say a lot about a person’s character especially during a period of conflict and contest.

Let us remember to vote for candidates with character, he/she who believes that it is in politics where one reveals his/her true character as a person and as a leader.

Fake ‘Bikoy’

A recent video on social media featured a hooded “Bikoy” alleging that Paolo “Polong” Duterte, the President’s son, received payoffs from a drug syndicate.  Immediately, Malacanang branded it as “black propaganda.”  Rightly so.  Any Tom, Dick & Harry can use the social media to try to destroy the reputation of any one.  No exemption.  Not even Queen Elizabeth.  Indeed, the social media is very vulnerable to manipulation that wicked persons can easily exploit it for evil purposes.  But, fortunately, such acts do not gain credence. Never. Only the gullible may believe; and they are so few.  For, how can you believe someone as anonymous as a terrorist’s identity saying this and that, armed with the brazen intent to merely malign? 

If you hide behind the cloak of anonymity while libeling someone, where is your credibility?   Only a fake like “Bikoy” can do such dastardly act.  Nice try.

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