Bayambang gets 2nd Guinness title for tallest bamboo structure


BAYAMBANG—This town earned its second Guinness World Record (GWR) title for the highest and tallest bamboo structure in the world through its 51-meter high St. Vincent Ferrer image made of engineered bamboo that was unveiled on April 5.

Mary Clare Judith Phyllis Jose-Quiambao, wife of Mayor Cezar Quiambao, broke the good news in her Facebook post after Swapnil Dangarikar, an adjudicator from the GWR, arrived to validate the town’s attempt for its second world title in the morning. The formal unveiling of the image and the official announcement was set in the evening.

“Congratulations Bayambang!!!!!!! We have officially made a new world record- the highest and tallest bamboo structure in the world!!!!!!, “ a jubilant Mrs. Quiambao, who is also known by her screen name Niña Jose when she was still in Philippine showbiz, posted.

The first lady also congratulated her husband, their family, townmates and the whole team for their second successful Guinness bid.

“To God be the Glory!,” she added.

Arlene Garcia, official organizer of the town for the Guinness event, also confirmed the GWR decision.

The iconic monument stands majestically on the St. Vincent Park in Barangay Bani.

The St. Vincent Ferrer image’s 51-meter tall has a steel frame and bamboo panels as cladding material.

Its unveiling was in time for the 405th anniversary of Bayambang town.

Earlier, Mayor Quiambao said, “Now we are creating a landmark for people to remember and recognize Bayambang,” confident that the image will draw more Catholic faithful to the place.

He said the town has no tourism destination so he expects the prayer park to be a landmark that people would visit.

The idea of building the monumental statue taller than the Statue of Liberty and the Christ The Redeemer in Sao Paolo, Brazil, came from the mayor’s wife, a devotee like her husband. 

It was in a group meeting last year at the Quiambao mansion that the project was hatched with Quiambao’s wife suggesting the idea to honor their patron saint for all that the town has been blessed with and as a thanksgiving of the couple, especially the mayor, for the success he has achieved for himself and for the town.

In 2014, Bayambang won a GWR title for the longest barbecue grill that measured 8,000 m (20,246 ft) during the Malangsi Fish-tival in order to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the town. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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