Word war between Bokal Raul Sion, Mayor Jumel Espino sizzles

CALASIAO— At the rate verbal jabs are flying between two contenders for the congressional seat in the Second District, it would seem that the campaign has long started even before the start of the official campaign period on March 29.

Second District Board Member Raul Sison is repeatedly hurling his challenge to Bugallon Mayor Jumel Anthony Espino, his opponent for the congressional race in the May 13 polls, for a public debate but the latter won’t bite.

Charges and counter-charges of negative campaigning. between the two are being aired through the local media that both deny being guilty of.

“To me, debate is needed because that’s our obligation to the people… the people would know what’s in their minds and hearts on issues and their platforms,” Sison told local media.

Sison said they owe the people the opportunity to know their plans, credentials, education, among others “because we are like applying to them” for the position they are seeking.

He likened it to an application for a job.

“What are we going to talk about? All that he is doing is opposite to what I am doing,” came the retort from Espino.

Espino said when he visits the barangays, he talks about his plans “unlike them who go to the barangays to destroy (us). ”Now you want us to waste our time to debate with you to present your platform?… This goes to show the character of these people,” the mayor said.

Sison denied Espino’s claim that he has been going around maligning him. “I am merely telling the people the truth, not destroying him.”

Sison, in his first debate challenge, even chided Espino to seek permission of his father, Fifth District Rep. Amado Espino Jr, to accept it.

Espino ignored it and derided the manner of campaigning of Sison. “What is funny here is they have been going around, doing bingo games and attacking me instead of presenting his platform.”

On being labeled by Espino as “pretentious leader”, Sison said: “But I am telling you, Mayor Jumel. My life is an open book. I am brave, industrious, generous and most of all, God-fearing,” he said.

Sison cited the moniker “Mr. Exposè” he earned in the provincial board because of the revelations he made in his privilege speeches. “I am not one who pretends to do something but cannot do it in reality. My district mates know that. I am not hiding anything so I am not pretentious,” he added.

Sison belittled Espino’s “Ipagpatuloy” call in his campaign slogan, saying Espino should not ride on the accomplishments of his father and his brother, Gov. Amado Espino Jr. “Don’t hide behind the shadow of your father and brother. Have your own accomplishments,” he said.

Espino’s retort” “These pretentious leaders claim they want to help but they destroy first a candidate instead of prioritizing the welfare of the majority.”

He said his platform is simple, which is to continue what his family has done. “It’s simple. So why do you need a debate that can be watched by only a few?,” Espino said. (Philstar Wire Service)

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