Peryahan agents decry arrests, sue raiders

COMPLAINTS for robbery, grave coercion, usurpation of authority, were filed against an official of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) and other persons and separate cases for illegal arrests and arbitrary detention cases against policemen before the City Prosecution Office in San Carlos City on March 13 by more than 40 complainants.

The complaints were filed by Rogelio Navarro, and 40 other authorized sales agents of Global Tech Mobile Online Corporation assigned at various kiosks/betting stations in San Carlos City and various parts of the province that were raided by the official of the PCSO and other persons, including some policemen.

Named respondents in the complaints were Major Manuel Frajenal Sr., PCSO chief, nationwide monitoring; Manuel Nuarin, Jose Millora, Jason Mamaat and John Does as well as P/Supt. Jackie Candelario, deputy police provincial director for operations and P/Chief Inspector Jay Ignacio and other members of the San Carlos City Police and John Does.

GlobalTech Mobile Online is a corporation organized and existing under Philippine laws which claims had been licensed to establish, maintain and implement the gaming platform for the lottery games called “Peryahan” Games in the province of Pangasinan and other parts of the country.

The complainants said in their individual complaints that despite a previous status quo ante order of the RTC in Pasig City, the decision of the 8th Division of the Court of Appeals and the manifestation of the PCSO dated February 12, 2019, the respondent did there and then “criminally, unlawfully and feloniously entered the betting station(s) without any court order and through the use of force, threat and intimidation, took, stole and carted away my money in the amount of P550.00, arrested me without any judicial warrant or any valid cause, threatened me with bodily harm, forced me to ride on a vehicle and brought me and detained me”.

The complaints of Navarro and other Peryahan agents in San Carlos City were administered by Assistant City Prosecutor Vendio Ventinilla of San Carlos City.

GlobalTech is currently enmeshed in a legal case with the Speed Gaming Corporation, another corporation reportedly given green light by PCSO to operate Small Town Lotter in the province. (Leonardo Micua)    

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