Jayceeken launches ‘Tren na Dayew’

THE Jayceeken’s Tren na Dayew, a takeoff of the beloved Takayan na Dayew singing competition that ruled Dagupan’s airwaves from the 50’s and 60’s, rolled to its maiden trip last March 1 at the PNR Train Station Rehabilitation Site.

The event is part of the group’s cultural heritage revitalization projects that aim to familiarize the present generation with the city’s local customs and traditions that formed and defined its identity.

Also featured as the front act was a sampling of Turbaan, a folk song genre where a couple engage in a battle of wits and humor. Veteran Turbaan protagonists Ester Salome and Eduardo Paragas took the center stage.

Winners during the first elimination round were: Soledad Frianeza from Bonuan Boquig, Crystak Kim Vergara of Bonuan Gueset, and John Rico Menor from Barangay 1.

Winners are joined by judges Prof Lorna S. Areola, Mae Farnacio Tanedo, and Anthony Zabala de Ayala together with Jayceeken Overall Project chairman, Councilor Jigs Seen and emcee Manuel Aoanan.

The contest is open to all barangays which have been divided into three clusters. Three winners are picked from each batch during the elimination rounds. The final elimination round which combines batch 2 and 3 will be held on March 29 at the City Plaza. (Contributed by Rex Catubig)

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