Green Atom decries fake news vs. W-T-E project

THE company that seeks to put up a P4.5 billion Waste-to-Energy Facility in Barangay Immanduyan, Laoac, Pangasinan has decried the fake news and misconceptions being spread by certain quarters against the project.

Green Atom, the project proponent, said the fake news being peddled to the public are the exact opposite of what the first Waste-to-Energy Facility in Pangasinan aims to deliver and accomplish.

Rex Recarro, president of Green Atom, stressed that what will be built is a modern state-of- the-art thermal decomposition waste-to-energy facility that is environment-friendly and prides itself in having eco-tourism component.

He also said hauling trucks that will be used to collect wastes shall conform with the highest standards of Green Atom’s modern WTE Facility thus no filthy smell will be emitted by the trucks and only those already segregated by towns’ respective material recovery

Green Atom, Recarro said, assures the residents of Inmanduyan and the people of Laoac that the facilities and its vicinity will have no foul smell, no pollution of the air and land, nor contamination of the aquifer and bodies of water.

Emission shall be compliant with EU and Philippine standards with zero Dioxins and Furans (cancer causing elements), he added.

He stressed as well that the system has passed the Environmental Technology
Verification (ETV) conducted by the Department of Science and Technology and passed the the scrutiny of Department of Energy and the DENR’S EMB and the National Solid Waste Management Commission.

Recarro labeled as a blatant lie that the waste-to-energy facility is an “obsolete incinerator”  but a modern system that utilizes state-of-the-art thermal combustion technology which is safe for the environment and community.

The program was already described by the government as “Energy Project of National Significance”. (Leonardo Micua)

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