Take a bow, Balon Dagupan Team!

THE recent accomplishment of the young boys and girls that gave Dagupan City first and now its 2nd championship title in the Region 1 Athletic Association sports meet is something that they can be proud of all their lives.

After all, it was a story about hard work, discipline, dedication, commitment and pride as young citizens of Dagupan City. Lest we forget, a lot of credit should also go to Mayor Belen Fernandez for her vision, Dagupan City Sports Commission for shepherding the training, the coaches for their patience and the sponsors for their support.

To win 87 gold, 64 silver and 55 bronze medals is a harvest that other provinces and cities can only begin to dream of.

Meanwhile, the Balon Dagupan Team and Mayor Belen Fernandez should continue to work on their next  dream – breaking its own record!

To the pathetic minds and losers who belittle the kids’ achievements on social media, it’s time they earn some success for themselves.

To all the proud Dagupeños, whoop it up. It’s time to celebrate with the team!

It runs in the blood

IT’S a sin to tell a lie. 

That’s a line from a classic song that rings true for all time.  These days, it is being hummed endlessly almost after Imee Marcos was accused in public for allegedly lying about her school records. Imee, who is running for senator in the May elections, has said she had earned diplomas from prestigious Princeton University, USA, and University of the Philippines Diliman.  

When her claims were exposed as fakes, Imee retorted:  “What I know is, I earned my degrees in both schools.”  Or words to that effect.  But she couldn’t show proof to prove her position.

This habit of lying: It runs in the blood. Imee’s father, the late unlamented dictator Marcos, was also found to have faked his medals of valor in the last World War.  If Imee makes it to the Senate, we only have ourselves to blame again. Indeed, if we keep forgetting the past, we are bound to keep repeating it.  Sad.

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