A call to broadcast media, bloggers: Save a child today

THE report from the Provincial Health Office about the unabated and continuing increase in measles cases is both alarming and worrisome.

It behooves the provincial government to launch a massive information and education campaign in trimedia and social media about the deadly risks to Pangasinan children’s lives if they are not vaccinated in time for protection.

It is obvious that the long-running reports on the Dengvaxia scare continue to take its toll. In other words, the government and media have not succeeded to fully counter the negative impact of that crisis.

There is no reason for our country to lose more lives due to measles because the country’s records over the years were beginning to show a zero-measles death case before the dengue vaccine scare broke out.

In this regard, we call on all public affairs radio commentators in all radio stations in Pangasinan to help save lives with daily reminders to parents to have their children take their measles vaccine with the grim warning about recorded deaths all because parents refused to comply with the law R.A.10152 that provides for mandatory basic immunization services of infants and children.

It would help to stress that 1) The country’s measles vaccine is safe and has saved millions of children around the world every year. 2) Dengvaxia is no longer being administered in the country.

To our peers in broadcast media, save a life today.

Motive is obvious

AMUSING is the word to describe it.  We refer to the Opposition’s challenge to debate with administration senatorial bets at Plaza Miranda in Quiapo.  When they got snubbed, the anti-Duterte pack hurled brickbats at Duterte’s chosen ones.  What is there to debate about, anyway?  It will just be a waste of time.  A mere grandstanding for challengers whose chances of winning are as slim as Toni Gonzaga’s waistline.  Their motive is obvious: The opposition aspirants merely want to grab a chunk of the massive fame being presently enjoyed tremendously by Duterte’s bets.  Look, isn’t a candidate’s main mission anchored on spending time on the campaign trail and not on debating with his fellow candidates?  For sure, a war of words will only clutter a candidate’s platform.  Only a gutless candidate will resort to such silliness.  C’mon, guys, grow up!

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