Citizens can make elections peaceful

THE rash of political killings in the country is a cause for serious concern not only in Pangasinan but in the whole country.

It seems a big number of our politicians are beginning to believe that the easiest and most practical way to win political contests at the least costs is to eliminate competition and get away with it.

Worse, the election gun ban that aims to level the field for candidates actually gives politicians with criminal minds the advantage to pursue their ends with the least resistance from the indifferent public that sees no difference between election period and ‘normal’ times.

But there can be a difference. The citizenry can be more vigilant and conscious to keep the peace in our communities. It is for local governments to strictly enforce all local ordinances, from no smoking, to no drinking in public, curfew of minors, etc. to make citizenry feel the responsibility to their communities. 

The demand for a peaceful environment becomes a collective force, making every citizen on the lookout for potential troublemakers, like the strangers in their midst that turn out to be guns-for-hire employed by criminal politicos.    

A joint directive from the governor and the provincial police ordering a strict, no-nonsense  enforcement of ordinances will go a long way in keeping our elections peaceful and orderly –  with the help of vigilant citizenry.    

Digong’s ‘death’

THERE was news on social media recently saying that President Duterte was dead.  That was fake news, of course.  Sad to say but the social media platform has not been that credible and trustworthy all these years, churning out stories not mostly thoroughly correct.  It’s a shame that many among us still are that gullible as to quickly believe on reports that are usually unverified.  Immediately the morning after news of his “death” came out, Mr. Duterte appeared on television to debunk it.  And instead of chasing the purveyor of his fake death—the story’s author had done a criminal act under the cyber law passed by Congress only a while back—Digong dismissed the yarn and, if only to lighten the mood of the times, he even joked about asking the nation to pray “for the eternal repose of my soul.”  His example is worthy of emulation by our leaders, who are mostly onion-skinned.  One for the ages.

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