Don’t vote for non-performing bets – Villegas

AS wannabes for local and national posts started making the rounds campaigning,  Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas started his own campaign among voters -to support only candidates with performance.

 He said voters should not believe in candidates who simply make promises but in those who have performed creditably and not linked to any corruption.

In his message to members of Kapatiran 2019, a church-based organization last week, Villegas called on them to “see the eyes of God, judge the mind of God and act with the power of God”.

He said the voters should vote for the candidates who have commitment, competence and above all character as there are a few candidates running in this election with criminal records..

When one votes for the right candidate, he is not alone as God is with him and beside him, adding that with God “we are always the majority.”

Villegas urged the voters to examine closely the qualifications of candidates and should not vote on the basis of survey results but rather his or her competence.

“Hwag po nating ipagkatiwala ang ating bayan sa mga taong walang malasakit at lalo na yong walang alam,” he added.

He said anyone running for congress should know how to make laws, and for mayor or governor, he or she should know the work required for these positions.

He also said it’s important to look into the the character of the candidates.

On vote-buying, Villegas said the pails of grocery items and P500 bills from a candidate will be gone in a matter of minutes, but the vote for that candidate will enable him/her to steal public funds.

“Tapangan natin yong mga lumapastangan sa atin, yong mga nagwawalang-bahala sa atin, yong mga nagnakaw sa atin,” he added. (Leonardo Micua)

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