Councilors warned: Hold sessions until March 29 or else…

LINGAYEN— Municipal and city councilors have been warned that they risk facing administrative charges if they stop holding and attending sessions to campaign for their reelection.

Agnes de Leon, provincial local government operations officer, issued the warning as she advised incumbent elected legislative officials across the province to continue holding their sessions until March 29, the start of the campaign period.

“We are not yet in the election period so they should still continue conducting their sessions,” De Leon said.

She said if their respective internal rules and procedures (IRP) say their session should be held once a week, then they must comply with it.

“If they don’t abide by it, then they would be held administratively liable,” she said.

De Leon reminded the delinquent councilors that they are receiving their salaries to attend their sessions so if they serve their mandate but receive their salaries, they would be made accountable.

She said councils are allowed to suspend their sessions only starting March 29 .

An official who has three consecutive weeks of absences, depending on their IRP will be liable, De Leon said. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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