Stranded blind dolphin in BFAR custody

ALAMINOS CITY—Employees of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources have been  working overtime to enable a female blind rough-toothed dolphin that was stranded in the coastal water of Tobuan, Labrador in Dec. 22, to swim out to the sea on its own.

In a Dec. 27 report to BFAR Regional Director Lilibeth Signey, the injured dolphin named “Carol” was brought to the BFAR-Regional Office 1 Field Station in Lucap, Alaminos City  weak, slightly thin, had poor buoyancy and with a blind left eye.

Based on an update from a BFAR staff, Carol has been undergoing treatment for respiratory tract infection and anemia based on the diagnostic tests done at Lucap facility and Ocean Adventure.

Carol, measuring 2.3 meters long, is believed to have just given birth or may have aborted its young as shown by voided pieces of placenta found during the round-the-clock care.

BFAR reported “Carol seems to be able to swim well (but) her apparent movement in staying buoyant remains questionable as she is anchoring on her peduncle most of the time”.

Her appetite has improved and has increased swimming activity, it said.

“Her blindness is a big factor to consider whether or not she will be a suitable candidate for release if her condition continues to improve,” the recommendation added. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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