Fr. Soc writes to godson about “anti Christs”

AFTER issuing his Christmas message titled “Stand up for the newborn Jesus”, Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas gave local media copies of his ”letter” to his godson named Seth on New Year’s Eve which he titled “Be Careful Against Many Anti- Christs.”

Villegas wrote “nothing is easy these days when it comes to rearing children as they are subjected to so much vulgarity and violence… that I fear you might catch the wrong values which can ruin your future as a good Filipino and as a good child of God”.

The bishop urged Seth “to pray constantly and go to Mass as frequently” and not to listen to him whoever says “it is useless to go to Church and attend Mass.”

He further advised Seth “not to  disrespect the name of God… even if he might not understand God.”

He said “they who call God stupid is anti-Christ“ and enjoined him to pray for those who say it.

“Do not laugh when older men make fun of women. That is vulgar and if you laugh or imitate them, you become vulgar yourself,” he wrote, adding that “rape is not a joke and immodesty not a laughing matter.“

 “Respect girls and women always. You have no excuse to abuse women specially the poor women,” he wrote.

Villegas also urged Seth to never call people names nor use cuss words even as expressions. “Dirty words that come out of your mouth—foul language, lies, gossips, slander, malicious jokes—make you crass and ungentlemanly,” he said.

Villegas also exhorted Seth to not ever try drugs. “Say no to friends who might offer you drugs.

He added, “Do not believe those who offer killing as a solution. People who kill and people who coax others to kill are anti-God. They are anti-Christ. Christ came to give us new life, eternal life.”

Finally, he urged Seth, to “respect the Pope and my fellow priests and bishops because we are signs of God’s love for you”.

He added that in mocking priests and bishops, “you do what anti-Christs do”.

He ended his open letter by advising Seth not to play with firecrackers on New Year’s eve. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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