2 policemen wounded in shootout inside bar

URDANETA CITY–Two  policemen were hospitalized when two groups of police officers in civilian clothes, suspicious of each other, had a shootout inside a resto bar in Barangay San Vicente here at about 8:30 p.m. on December 30.

P/Sr. Superintendent Wilson Lopez, police provincial director, identified the wounded as P/Chief Inspector  Napoleon Eleccion Jr., 37, deputy commander of the 146th 2nd Company of the Provincial Mobile Force Company, SPO2 Ryan Tacdol, a member of the Police Security Protective Group (PSPG) and Devid Tacdol, owner of the Station 22 Resto Bar where the firefight happened.

Eleccion sustained a gunshot wound on his left palm, while SPO2 Tacdol suffered a gunshot wound on his left upper abdomen. Devid Tacdol was slightly wounded on his left neck.

Investigation showed Eleccion who was with his siblings P01 Nathaniel Eleccion, a  member of the Regional Mobile Force (RFMB) and Nolan and their father Napoleon Sr,. 60, a retired government employee, were drinking inside the resto bar where P/Inspector Marvin Tacdol, a member of the PNP Crime Laboratory in Camp Crame; SP02 Ryan Tacdol, and Devid Tacdol, all of Barangay Cabuloan, Urdaneta City were also drinking.

The group of Eleccion approached the group of Inspector Tacdol to confront the latter when they saw guns tucked on their waists.

The confrontation resulted in the grappling of guns and during which a series of gunshots were made.

Recovered from the crime scene were two empty shells of cal. 45 and two empty shells of cal. 9mm.

All the wounded were all brought to Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital for treatment.

P/Superintendent Rollyfer Capoquian, chief of police of Urdaneta City, said all the parties involved  in the shooting were charged with frustrated homicide and cases of alarm and scandal were also filed.

Found from the crime scene were one caliber 45 from Napoleon Eleccion Sr, one 9mm from P01 Nathaniel Eleccion and another 9mm from P01 Nathaniel Eleccion.

Lopez immediately relieved PCI Election from his post. (Leonardo Micua/Nora Dominguez)

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