PDU30 declares March 21, San Fabian Day

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte signed into law on December 9, R.A. 11132, an Act declaring March 21 and every year there after as San Fabian Day.

Fourth District Congressman Christopher de Venecia sponsored  H.B. 1865,  two months after he became congressman.

San Fabian used to be a principality (barangay) known as “Angio”,which means in the Pangasinan dialect as a bitter fruit. But on March21,1717,  Angio was declared by Spanish authorities as a full-pledged municipality known as San Fabian, following a petition by Dominican priests.

Today, San Fabian, led by Mayor Constante Agbayani, is a  first-class municipality.

 San Fabian Day will be a special non-working holiday in San Fabian to
remember the day San Fabian became a municipality of Pangasinan. (Leonardo Micua, PhilStar Wire Service )

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