Homeowners ask DPWH to stop dike construction

A GROUP of resident-homeowners along the Binmaley-Lingayen coastal road urged the Department of Public Works and Highways I to stop or “temporarily put on hold’ its ongoing construction of the multi-million dike to make it a real ecotourism hub and preserve the view and majesty of the Lingayen Gulf.”

Led by Dr. MacArthur Samson, a resident homeowner, the group that includes former Dagupan City Vice Mayor Alvin Fernandez, lawyer Julito Vitriolo and Engr. Marshall Correau wrote DPWH Regional Director Ronnel M. Tan on Nov. 12, 2018 to stop the construction of the dike because of the problems and issues posed by the design of the dike.

The group said the dike will not only cover the view of the beach from the baywalk but “greatly diminish access to the beach.”

“The dike will also make it very difficult for the fisherfolks (to have) to access the sea and limit their fishing opportunities, if not totally deprive their sources of livelihood among others,” the group said.

Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil, a proponent of the baywalk, already asked DPWH Director Tan to act on the request and protest of the group.

Samson’s group also cite the difficulty that the dike will pose to residents and tourists with water sports equipment such as jet skis, boats, surfing facilities. “It will practically prevent them easy access to the beach.”

They called on “a well-balanced approach such that the majesty of the beach, a God-given gift and natural resource for all to enjoy, must be considered.”

“By constructing the dike, we fear that the eco-tourism potential of the Ligayen Gulf will forever be lost.”

Copies of the homeowners’ letter were sent to Gov. Amado Espino III, Rep. Amado Espino Jr., Mayor Simplicio Rosario and District Engineer Editha Manuel of the 2nd Engineering District. (Contributed)

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