Holy Nativity, a lesson in humility

‘TI’S the time for discernment and self-examination.

We wonder what most are thinking nowadays when they see the Nativity scene today, the same we’ve been seeing every year in churches, homes, malls, town plazas, etc. for the past decades. And what of the millennials, what of today’s children?

Christians of the old were taught about salvation of one’s soul. The coming of Jesus Christ as the Saviour. A time for celebration. A time for family. A time for gift-giving. A time for joy and peace. Others couldn’t care less. It’s in the past, they say.

Today, more than at any time in the past, the image of the Nativity should tell us about the need to learn the virtue of humility… that greatness is squandered without humility, that power becomes abusive when the holder exudes pride, not humility.

Even those without affluence and influence forget their humble surroundings when they see that the rich and powerful despise those who are humble.

The scene of Nativity presents our Saviour, the Son of God, our Almighty Creator, born without trappings of power and affluence, on a crude manger, surrounded by sheep, without a torch to light the place. 

Salvation and greatness in the eyes of the world, the country, our community does not lie in what we have but how humility becomes us.

A Merry Christmas to you and your family, in Jesus’ name! 

Gray area

WHEN Pia Wurtzbach, who has a German for a father, was crowned Miss Universe in 2015, Germany never raised a hoot as to claim Pia was German property.  Pia is a Filipino and that was it.  But not in the case of Catriona Gray.  Just days after Catriona won the 2018 Miss Universe pageant, a newspaper in Queensland, Australia, had this for a headline: “Gray area.”  The newspaper was saying Gray could be an Australian and not a Filipino.  For the record, Catriona’s father, Ian Gray, is an Australian who married Catriona’s mother, Normita Magnayon of Oas, Albay.  Catriona spent her childhood in Australia before moving to the Philippines for good when she turned 18, in the process adopting Filipino citizenship. Either the Queensland newspaper was just joking or trying to be cute? 

Whatever, there is no “gray area” at all insofar as Catriona’s nationality is concerned.  Dismiss the Ozzie dig.  LOL!

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