Reading the riot act to the kapitan

ALL the barangay chairmen who attended the provincial forum last week and listened to Local Government UndersecretaryMartin Diño were clearly read the riot act.

The barangay officials in attendance merely expected to hear the usual “feel good” message from their boss only to be told to their surprise how and what they are going to be made accountable for as elected barangay leaders.

Hearing Mr. Diño make them recall their primary duties and their responsibilities was one thing, but hearing him warn them of being charged and/or arrested for failure to perform or for abusing their position, was another.

Having been a kapitan himself for some 14 years inQuezon City, he made sure they understood where he was coming from, that he knew that a kapitan cannot claim not to know everything that happens in the barangay because he should know.

They were told in no unmistakable terms that they are the frontliners of the government in the war on drugs. They are expected  no only to identify drug personalities in their villages but  to act and respond accordingly to stop the illegal trade.

And they are expected initially  to activate the Barangay Anti-Drug AdvisoryCouncil and the regular updating of the drug watch list in their respective barangays. Failing to do so  will mean an administrative charge that can lead to their suspension, arrest and dismissal.

Digong different

PRESIDENT Duterte this week said he will not grant a presidential pardon on the three policemen sentenced to life in prison for the murder of drug suspect Kian delos Santos awhile back.  This was in complete contrast to his oft-repeated statements that he will not allow any policeman to rot in jail.

“Not in a billion years,” the President said.  “I will never protect murderers.” 

Then, it was followed by confessing he smokes marijuana “to stay awake”— only to quickly clarify, “I am just joking.”   

If, by now, you still don’t believe the President doesn’t always mean what he says, there’s something wrong in that thing between your ears.

Simply put, Mr. Duterte loves to joke, making him the most unique president not only hereabouts but in the whole wide world as well.

Dangerous is the man who never cracks, cannot crack, a joke.  Digong is farthest from that. 

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