Keeping Christmas spirit alive


WITHOUT a doubt, that Christmassy feeling is with us today. It’s December!

Soon we will have the Misa de Gallo, where young and old Catholics in the country will seek to keep the tradition of early dawn masses alive in spite of the new practice of “Anticipated Masses.” It is a tradition worth keeping for generations to experience.

Alas, at the rate commercialism has taken over the religious context of Christmas, it’s likely that the neutral message as a religious event will soon be dropped.

From Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays!

And only the image of Santa Claus as gift-giver will be the only icon that will remain for the next generations. No more scenes of Nativity elsewhere except in Catholic Churches, and hopefully in Catholic-run schools, too.

If there is anything that this generation of old and the millennials can do for the future, it is to consciously and deliberately greet relatives and friends with “Merry Christmas”, use gift tags that read “Merry Christmas” (NOT Happy Holidays), and enjoy attending Misa de Gallo while it lasts.

May the spirit of a Merry Christmas be with us always!



What’s wrong with that?


YES, President Duterte is friendly with China.  But what’s wrong with that?

He is not that friendly with the US and so, what’s also wrong with that?  China hasn’t shown any hostility toward the Duterte administration and therefore, it’s just right that Mr. Duterte reciprocates that with similar decorum.  The President’s hatred against the US was actually started by then President Obama when Obama badmouthed Digong’s brand of leadership.  It prompted Mr. Duterte to bark at Obama:  “Who is he?”  But while he is chummy-chummy with China, Mr. Duterte has ordered illegal Chinese workers here deported but with the warning, “Don’t get rough on them.”  Again, nothing wrong with that.  He was merely showing his diplomatic protocol, if not acumen. If that is construed anew as “too friendly” with China, again, what’s wrong with that?

Only the opposition thinks that way.  Always.


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