Calasiao’s rice cake mosaic earns Guinness World Record

CALASIAO—The celebration of the annual Puto Festival here became more meaningful after the Guinness World Records finally awarded the Largest Rice Cake Mosaic to the town, a bid it made a year ago.

Mayor Joseph Arman Bauzon said the process was tedious and their attempt was carefully verified by the prestigious body that awards world feats so it took a year before the world recognition was released.

In his Facebook post on Dec. 17, Bauzon said, “Pinablin Calasiao is now officially the title holder for the Largest Rice Cake Mosaic in the world!

The Guinness World Records confirmed that the Pinablin Calasiao’s attempt on World Largest Rice Cake (Puto) Mosaic is now the new world record holder. Congratulations Pinablin Calasiaoeños! “

Bauzon made the official announcement on the last day of this year’s Puto Festival celebration during a street party on Dec. 18 wherein Calasiao beat a world record that was set in Fukushima, Japan, on Aug. 4, 2012.

“The world record (for this category) is now owned by the municipality of Calasiao,” Bauzon said.

It may be recalled that on December 7, 2017, Calasiao made its “puto” mosaic with a size of 209.37 square meters.

The mosaic was about an image man of a  man feeding his grandson with the popular rice cake from the town.

There were 320,000 pieces of puto bought from the town’s producers that were used to create a mosaic. (With PhilStar Wire Service)

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