Abong na Aro for abused women, children in Bayambang opens

BAYAMBANG—Abused women and children now have a solace through the Abong na Aro (House of Love) in Barangay Wawa that was recently established.

Mayor Cezar Quiambao said the idea to open and maintain Abong na Aro started when his wife, Niña Jose Quiambao, met an abused child and rented a house where the victim can temporarily stay at while the police were hunting her abuser.

Part of the big evacuation center in Baragnay Wawa has been reserved for Abong na Aro.

The mayor said his wife donated her own savings, about P1-million, to jumpstart the construction of six rooms to serve as a temporary home for abused women and children. It has its individual comfort rooms and they will be equipped each with beddings.

It has an administration office that will be supported by the Rural Health Unit III.

Victims can be housed in the shelter for one month or longer, depending on the case.

Sharing scheme over the use of evacuation centers has been adopted by the local government to maximize use of the facilities. The Barangay Pantol evacuation center has space reserved for dressmaking livelihood center while the evacuation center in Barangay San Gabriel I is being developed as a drug rehabilitation center.

A tarpaulin displayed by the Local Council of Women made it known to residents that Bayambangueños are no stranger to the abuses committed against women and children.

It acknowledged that many different cases of abuse are reported every year and while some abusers are jailed, some of them are set free and even allowed to live under the same roof as the ones they abused.

“This means that they are forced to face their fears and relive the worst moments of their lives every day,” it added.

“This sparked the idea of constructing a temporary shelter where they can stay until they feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,” it also said.

Niña Quiambao, chairperson of the Local Council for Women, has personally taken charge of the shelter. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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