Talk about Pangasinan’s interests

YOU know election is just around the corner when wannabes in national elections are suddenly popping up in Dagupan City, being the major media center in Pangasinan.

It is that time of the decade when Pangasinan becomes the adopted province, when someone is invoked either as a distant relative from Pangasinan or his/her roots were in some town here.

This is to be expected because Pangasinan has the third largest voting population in the country, the biggest in the region.

What is most lamentable is while Pangasinan can be considered as one of the few provinces that make or unmake a national candidate, Pangasinan is hardly remembered by our senatorial and presidential wannabes once they are elected.

When was the last time we heard of the big winners in our province return to tell us, or to listen to us about what and how the national government can help our province?

Next time, a senatorial wannabe comes around to regale us with stories about how great they are, and how they can help improve our lives, let’s ask them what they had done for Panagasinan the whole time they were connected with the national government.

Fortunately for those in the administration, Pangasinan’s interests have been served with a host of appointees in key offices, more than at any time in the past thus ensuring  faster and more effective delivery of services from the national government.



Peace, not war

SINCE when did we have a President who never had qualms about strengthening our ties with our giant neighbor of 1.3 billion people that is China?  Although we’ve established diplomatic ties with China in 1975 yet, there has never been a really strong bonding between the two countries.  The recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Philippines saw him ink 29 whopping bilateral agreements with our government, all designed to boost economic, political, social as well as cultural frontiers.  The deals were punctuated by China’s commitment to support our build bridges and roads programs jumpstarted in 2016 by Mr. Duterte, and the declaration of a crucial joint exploration of the Philippines and China of our oil and gas deposits in Palawan’s West Philippine Sea.  Surely, that’s a major diplomatic coup for this administration.

Make peace, not war.  That has obviously been Mr. Duterte’s battle cry when dealing with China.


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