Pangasinan Beach, a vision and a dream 

WHAT most thought was unthinkable turned out to be the best thing that ever happened. We are referring to the surprise and unexpected order to transform Boracay Beach from a cesspool to the world’s finest anew. That it happened the way it did, has shown the full potential that Pangasinan can be as a major world beach tourism destination.

Pangasinan hosts a long stretch of a sandy beach, from Lingayen to San Fabian.  Its total and uniform development can make tourism the biggest job generator for thousands and revenue earner for the province that could enable the province to claim the distinction of being the longest and most beautiful beach in the country.

Our elected leaders can make that dream come true by taking the first step, like it did when it decided to build the Baywalk project along the coast from Lingayen to Dagupan. That was considered unimaginable. Well, hopefully soon, it will end in San Fabian.

Such an ambitious prospect will and can take time but that’s exactly how the Baywalk stretch came into being.

We believe the creation of a commission for the development of a “Pangasinan Beach” using the standards set forth in the transformation of Boracay will serve the province well.

And as we pointed out in our other editorial below, all it took to attain the objective was an exercise of political will by the President.

We, therefore, hope that our provincial leaders will take that first step towards the unthinkable and demonstrate that not only presidents can exercise political will.


President’s political will

WITH Boracay’s grand reopening after a six-month rehab, the Aklan hideaway is set to reclaim its rightful ranking as the planet’s No. 1 beach destination in no time.  Some 2,901 domestic and foreign tourists trekked to the gleaming white, powder-soft sand paradise for the momentous occasion on October 26, signaling the rebirth of a truly iconic Filipino heritage.  After decades of crass commercialism abetted by the utter neglect of government officials in cahoots with greedy capitalists, virtually sending Boracay to near-death, President Duterte stepped in just in time to end “the cesspool status” of the wonderland.  Some 30,000 workers were affected by this colossal act but the suffering was merely temporary.  They will soon reap the fruits as the rehab restored Boracay’s robust health, ensuring their job security in the long run.  Talk about political will, Duterte style. Well done, Sir.

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