Despondent student commits suicide

A would-be student at the University of Luzon (UL) jumped from the fifth floor of the college building at about 6:10 p.m. on November 19, died in an apparent suicide.

The fatality was identified as Rommel Ramas, 20, of Barangay Bunang Primicias, Sta. Barbara, survived the fall that broke his skull and was rushed to Luzon Medical Center but subsequently died due to serious injuries.

Initial investigation showed Ramas was a former student at the Arellano University in Manila and had intended to enroll at UL.

UL President Mac Arthur Samson said Ramas had yet to enroll.

He reportedly became despondent after failing to receive financial support from his parents and relatives.

Ramas was reportedly under the influence of liquor when he jumped from the fifth floor of UL’s Criminology building. (Leonardo Micua)

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