AWOL soldier yields firearm, explosives, ammos

BINALONAN – Lawmen seized a firearm, hand grenade and assorted ammunition in a raid on Nov. 20 at the house of a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in Brgy. Capas, Binalonan who went AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave).

A joint police team served a search warrant for illegal possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives  issued by Regional Trial Court Judge Mervin Jovito Samadan at the residence of the suspect, Rafael Isidro, alias ‘’Okkang’’, 55.

Confiscated in that raid were one Caliber 22 revolver, 7 caliber 22 bullets, a hand grenade, a smoke grenade, 100 bullets for cal. 5.56mm, 100 bullets for cal. 7.62mm, seven
5.56mm short magazines, one  long carbine magazine, 7.62mm magazine; five caliber 50mm bullets ;one caliber 9mm bullet; one caliber 32 revolver bullet, one green
bandoleer; and others.

The search was done in the presence of the respondent and barangay officials. (Leonardo Micua)

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