269 families evacuated due to Typhoon ‘Rosita’

LINGAYEN– Typhoon ‘Rosita’ prompted the local governments to order the evacuation of 269 families or 927 individuals from 24 barangays in seven towns in Pangasinan and Dagupan City beginning midnight of Oct.29 till the afternoon of the following day.

The evacuees were from one barangay in Bolinao, two in Alaminos City, one in Bani, one in Sison, 9 in Lingayen, 2 in San Fabian, and 8 in Dagupan City.

At the height of the typhoon, the whole province was placed under Typhoon Warning Signal Number 3.

Due to heavy rains in the Upper Agno River basin, two gates of San Roque Dam (No. 5 and 6) were opened (total: one-half meter) as of 3 p.m. on Tuesday when the elevation of water at the dam’s reservoir was at 277.13 meter above sea level, just more than two meters shy of the 280 masl spilling level.

The outflow of water downstream of the Agno River from the two opened gates was 529 cubic meters per second with an inflow of 529 cms.

No flood was felt in the affected towns, including in the city of Dagupan, the catch basin of all waters from the upland before flowing down the Lingayen Gulf.

The flooding in some coastal areas in Dagupan was the effect of slight storm surge, prompting the preemptive evacuation of residents to higher grounds.

Classes were cancelled in all levels throughout the province for two days, October 30-31.

All national and provincial roads were passable to all types of vehicles.                          .

In Dagupan City, the evacuees were evacuated to the Malued Elementary School, Lomboy Chapel, Astrodome, West Central Elementary School 1 and II, North Central Elementary School in Bonuan Gueset, Sabangan Elementary School, also in Bonuan Gueset, Lasip Chico Barangay Hall and Bolosan Elementary School. (Leonardo Micua)

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