Sto. Tomas councilor survives assassination attempt

AN incumbent municipal councilor of Sto. Tomas town narrowly escaped death when two unidentified suspects shot him and missed.

P/ Sr. Superintendent Wilson Lopez, acting provincial director, said Councilor Ely A. Ramos, 64, had just arrived home 9 a.m. October 4 from church, on his motorcycle when unidentified suspects riding in tandem on a motorcycle started shooting him from behind.

Ramos was not hit but suffered abrasions in parts of his body when he ducked for cover.

The hitmen fled after firing two shots.

According to P/ Sr. Inspector Fernan Rivera, OIC chief of police, it was possible that the gun used by the hitmen jammed that prevented him from firing more bullets for the kill.

Found in the crime scene were two empty shell of still unidentified handgun.

Based on the statement of Ramos to the police, he doesn’t remember anyone bearing grudges against him or having a misunderstanding with anyone although he said his plan to run for mayorship in May 2019 elections may have something to do with the hit plan.

Ramos  is now on his last term as municipal councilor.

On learning the attempt on Ramos’ life, Mayor Timoteo Villar III immediately ordered the police to exert all efforts in bringing behind bars the perpetrators in the shooting of Ramos.

“Sto. Tomas, Pangasinan has been known as the most peaceful town in this province with hardly a crime committed. We were surprised by this incident but I assure our town mates that this will not disrupt the peace and order being enjoyed by the people here for several decades already,” Villar said.

Ramos is reportedly eyeing to run against Villar in the 2019 elections. “Despite what happened, I will still push through with my mayoralty bid,” Ramos said who has been consistently running under the Villar ticket.

However, Ramos decided to challenge the incumbent mayor in next year’s polls, breaking the tradition of four decades here of having an unopposed mayor.

Despite this, Villar said he bears no grudge towards Ramos who is his relative, saying this is part of democracy.

“We are both victims here because it is a public knowledge that someone eyeing a higher position in our district wants us divided in Sto. Tomas,” Villar said.

He, however, did not mention who he was referring to. (Nora Dominguez/Philstar Wire Service)


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