No bangus supply shortage, just controlled supply

CONTRARY to a national television news report, there is no shortage of bangus (milkfish) supply in markets but a controlled situation created by bangus growers who reserve their stock for release on All Saints/Souls Days (November 1-2) for higher profits.

This was the suspicion of the city agriculturist of Dagupan, Emma Molina, citing a possible  agreement by and among producers to delay harvest for the coming holidays to take advantage of the usually higher prices during holidays.

She said today a kilo of bangus is sold at P145 only for the 400-gram a piece because there is a felt decrease in supply in the market.

She knows that some bangus growers are not harvesting  in anticipation of the coming All Saints’ Day (and Christmas season) where demand is at its peak.

“They normally reserve their stock for forthcoming special occasions when prices are expected to be higher regardless of the demand,” Molina said.

Pricing is normally  pegged at five pieces of bangus (400- gram each)  for a combined weight of two kilos, she said.

She said P145 price today is up from P135-P140 per kilo two weeks ago.

Molina said immediately after the habagat (monsoon rains) in July and August, bangus supply decreased and the price went up to P150 to P160  a kilo.

She added that, the wholesale price on Sept. 24 was P140-P145 a kilo at the Magsaysay Market in Dagupan, the trading center of bangus and other fishery products in Pangasinan.

Molina said big bangus stocks are prepared by growers for December to meet higher demand for gourmet bangus recipes. Some prefer a 750-gram a piece for deboning during this period for a planned recipe, she said.

Dagupan City has its own bangus deboning facility whose services are availed of by some restaurants.

The volume of bangus traded at the Magsaysay Market daily is about 40 to 45 tons weekly but it reaches up to 70 to 75 tons a week during the peak season, Molina said. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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