Total approach to flood mitigation plans

THE Dagupan City government has taken the initial steps towards reinforcing the resiliency of the city in meeting challenges of climate change and development.

Its meeting with development stakeholders and experts on structures, environment and climate was definitely a step in the right direction.  But the city’s problems and proposed solutions are not, and cannot be treated in isolation.

Mitigation measures adopted to contain flooding in the city can only be effective as the solutions to the causes of severe flooding, the city being the catch basin for water originating from higher places and neighboring towns.

The next step is to look outward, to trace the flow of flood waters from rivers that flow into the city. To accomplish this, it will require the collaboration and coordination with the provincial government and towns whose tributaries carry the flood waters, and concerned national agencies with the support of the province’s members of Congress.

The total approach is imperative. Water not only seeks its own level all the way to city but more importantly, it is knowing that it flows to vulnerable towns and cause innumerable damage each time monsoon rains hit the province. The solutions must be had today.


Disgrace to Congress

THE recent airport arrogance of OFW-Party List Rep. John Bertiz showed a person with a dysfunctional brain.  As a lawmaker, Bertiz should be the first to follow rules.  But he defiantly ignored a legislated airport policy (Alert 2) requiring all incoming passengers (except the President of the Philippines) to remove their shoes before passing through the check-in cube.  In doing so, he even berated the airport security officer by stripping the officer’s I.D. off his shirt.  Before that, Bertiz almost shoved his I.D. to the security staff’s face to prove he is a Party List representative.  When his medieval act became viral on social media, Bertiz immediately apologized.

But earlier, he also told passers of a government test in a public gathering that they would not be given their license if they do not know Special Assistant to the President Bong Go.  Next, after his first-class stupidity was shown on social media, he said he was just joking.

In 2017, Bertiz was also seen on TV being engaged in an altercation with an OFW in Hong Kong, shouting at the top of his lungs in front of a throng of domestics.

If Bertiz, by now a certified disgrace to Congress, won’t be punished for acts inimical to the interest of the institution, then we might as well rename the House of Representatives to House of Reprehensibles, if not Retardeds.

A beast like Bertiz ought to be kicked out of the House—at the very least.

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