Priority fund for flood protection projects urged

SECOND District Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil will urge congress to prioritize allocation of funds for flood mitigating projects along Agno River especially along Lingayen.

He said the flood caused extensive damage to lives and properties of residents particularly those living near rivers and low lying areas.

Bataoil inspected the flooded southern barangays, up to the mouth of Agno River from Limahong Channel and found the river overflowed because of the absence of dike and the heavy siltation of the river bed.

The silted mouth of Limahong Channel also prevented the water to flow freely to Lingayen gulf.

Bataoil said he will raise the urgency of the situation during the House’s Committee on Appropriations deliberation to ask that it prioritizes the fund for the construction of engineering works for the protection dikes and the clearing the mouth of Agno river in Limahong Channel to enable the free flow of waters from the upstream to the sea. (Nora Dominguez)    

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