NFA warns consumers not to resell its rice

THERE is enough NFA rice for households in Pangasinan.

The National Food Authority (NFA) Western Pangasinan gave the assurance amid fears of shortage of NFA rice in the province.

Chona Maramba, OIC- assistant manager at NFA Western Pangasinan, said there are 9,000 bags of NFA rice available in the warehouse and ready for distribution to accredited retailers in the area.

NFA, however, warned households not to resell their NFA rice after receiving reports that some consumers who managed to buy 5 kilos were reselling NFA rice for a higher price because of the good quality of NFA rice.

NFA Western Pangasinan covers Dagupan City, Binmaley, Lingayen, Aguilar, Mangatarem and other towns in the Western Pangasinan side. The dispersal of 30 cavans to accredited NFA retailers started Thursday, September 6.

Maramba said dispersal operation of NFA rice from shipments in La Union directly to NFA warehouses is ongoing.

The agency also intensified the monitoring of retail stores especially during scheduled dispersal operations guarded by the NFA watchers and Public Order and Safety Offices to avoid disturbances.

Meanwhile, it was learned that only 40 cavans of NFA rice were delivered to towns in Eastern Pangasinan.

In Villasis, rice consumers lined up as early as 3 a.m. but most of them failed to bring home any since there were are only eight bags of rice allotted to each retailer and only seventy individuals were allowed to purchase five kilos each. The supply lasted only till mid-morning.  (Nora Dominguez)

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