BIR orders 6 stores closed


SIX establishments in Pangasinan were issued closure orders under “Oplan Kandado” of the Bureau of Internal Revenue District Office No. 4 in Calasiao town.

Florentino Daz, BIR District Office 4 group supervisor, said the closed stores were under surveillance for 10 days and were found either to have under-declared their sales by more than 30 percent or were are not issuing official receipts to their customers.

He however, declined to name the erring establishments and their specific business addresses, except describe them as “outlets of goods in Pangasinan.”

He said the stores were closely monitored for at least two 2 weeks to find out if their sales jibed with their declarations in their filed income tax returns.

“Unfortunately, their observed sales were far higher than what they declared,” Diaz told the KBP Forum in Dagupan City.

He said the owners were given opportunities to explain and refute the charges but with the evidence for their under-declaration and non-issuance of receipts to customers, they were ordered to pay additional taxes and ordered close for violating the tax code.

Under Oplan Kandado, closed stores will remain close for at least five days and order will only be lifted after the owners have amended their tax returns and fully paid their deficiency in taxes, he said.

He said, the order for the lifting of the closure order will be issued by the BIR Commissioner in the Central Office in Manila.

He said Oplan Kandado closed a Chinese plastic dealer in Dagupan in May this year and to a popular restaurant in the city that did not issue receipts to its customers a few years ago.

Daz called on the public to demand receipts from business establishments for purchases that are worth P100 and up but clarified that the BIR promo “Premyo sa Resibo” has been discontinued. (Leonardo Micua) 

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