Urdaneta cops turn teachers to barangay youths


URDANETA CITY— There is a different kind of war being waged in the city. It’s a war contra ignorance, and improve literacy rate among out-of-school youths in the city.

The city police station launched “Pulis Ko, Teacher Ko Mobile Learning Library” project recently where the policemen become “teachers” and the out-of-school youths, 13 years old and below, are gathered as “students” for “classroom” sessions.

The project intends to hold “classes” in all 34 barangays, twice a month.

Being out of school, their chosen classroom is an open area where a police mobile car converted into a mobile library can be parked, and students can sit or stand where they can, to listen to classroom lectures of “teachers”.

For the project, the students have three policewomen and two policemen, all with degrees in education, as their teachers, and their patrol car is their mobile library.

For two to three hours or more, the “teachers” engage the students in various lessons, with access to books stacked in the mobile library.

P/Superintendent Rollyfer Capoquian, city police chief, pointed out that the designated police car is installed with detachable book shelves while the reading materials used are properties of the city library loaned to the police station for their teaching sessions.

Capoquian said it was gratifying to see the kids’ parents, mostly 4Ps clients, who bring their children for the added teaching-learning session.

The class also has its “recess” time – the mobile provides juice in tetra packs, biscuits and lollipops for their snacks.

There are now some 50 to 70 “students” every time they hold classes in the barangays.

Class session involves book reading and teaching basic traffic signs, he said. (With report from EFG)

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