Plan for second coal power plant in Sual confirmed

THE plan of a Korean power company to establlish the second coal-power plant in Sual was confirmed by presidential adviser for Northern Luzon Raul Lambino.

Lambino said the plan was relayed to him by South Korean Ambassador Han Dong-man.

He allayed fears of Sual residents of added pollution in the community in the event a second coal-powered plant is allowed to operate since new coal technologies that greatly reduce if not eliminate greenhouse gas emission are already available.

Among these new technologies is  the ultra-super critical coal-fired power plant which  is considered as a “High Efficiency Low Emission (HELE) Technology” and  a “green technology”.

Lambino cited the case of Zhejiang City in China where three coal-fired power plants are located “right in the heart of the City” with a combined generating capacity of 14,000 megawatts. Zhejiang City, he said, is the hub of the garment and textile industry in China.

Earlier on, Mayor Arcinue disclosed that Korean Electric Power Corporation wants to invest some two billion US dollars for a modern coal-fired power plant in Sual.

The proposed plant will have a generating capacity of 1,000 megawatts.

He said residents and officials of Sual welcome the project since it will provide more than a thousand of jobs for the people and millions in annual revenues for the municipality.

For its Sual power plant, KEPCO will  be using the ultra-supercritical technology which is the latest in coal power generation. (Leonardo Micua)


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