NFA assures enough stocks of rice here

THE National Food Authority (NFA) -Western Pangasinan assures the public that there is an ample supply of rice until the next harvest season in September and October.

Chona Maramba, OIC-assistant manager of NFA-Western Pangasinan, gave the assurance on the basis of its monitoring.

She said there are 444,493 bags of household stocks and 143,425 bags of commercial rice. This supply will be enough in the next 36 days.

She said the reason of the high price of commercial and special rice is due to the P24 to P25 per kilogram of palay sold to the local farmers, since it is lean months and not a harvest season.

Maramba said NFA has no jurisdiction in controlling the suggested retail price of commercial rice. She said NFA’s mandate covers price of NFA rice.

From P27, it is now P32 a kilo for NFA rice, since the supply of the 25% broken have been sold and the available 15% broken are sold at P32 a kilo.

NFA is currently transferring the supply of rice from Poro Point La Union to the warehouses of NFA in Alaminos and Mangatarem as part of the second tranche of the imported rice during rainy season.

Another supply is expected to arrive soon as part of the third tranche for the lean months.

Maramba said NFA Western Pangasinan adopted the five kilo limit to every consumer to ensure that every consumer can avail of the low price rice.

She said this way, the NFA can ensure that the marginalized sector can have access to NFA rice.

NFA Western increased the number of NFA retailers to 303 retailer to service the western Pangasinan section.

The NFA already formed ‘Palengke Watchers’ to ensure that no one is taking advantage of NFA rice in the market. (Nora Dominguez)

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