No help at all

THE past 15 days have been hellish for Pangasinenses, more so for Dagupan residents. To their consternation, barangays and the commercial district were inundated without letup reminiscent of the days of Typhoon Pepeng.

Social media was instantly abuzz with rants from netizens with accusations and complaints about failure of governance, a bout what should have and could have been – all in hindsight of course.

It also became an occasion for the political detractors of current government administrations to pounce on them, blaming them unfairly for the unforeseen environmental crisis.

The fact remains no one could have foretold, not even the mudslingers, of the extent and level of wrath of climate change.

Accountability for climate change must be established if the same crisis happens and nothing was done to prevent it. In this case, blame our local governments if the same recurs with no evident preparation for it.

Finger-pointing and foisting the blame-game don’t help at a time when clearer minds are needed to study and adopt solutions.


Tulfo tiff

TWO points stuck out like a sore finger during the Senate hearing on Tuesday regarding the P60-million advertising contract between television personality Ben Tulfo and PTV4, and PTV4 and Department of Tourism.

One, Tulfo said he would not return the money, claiming he had a valid contract as proof that his business deal with PTV4 was legal.

Two, Sen. Trillanes accused Tulfo of committing conflict of interest as the money he earned was a result of her sister, Tourism Sec. Wanda Teo, assigning more than P60-M of advertising budget to Ben’s television programs through PTV4. But Teo said she never knew her brother Ben would benefit from the agreement she signed with PTV4.

The case a bit puzzling?  We wish Dick Gordon, the Blue Ribbon Committee Chair, all the luck. The alleged anomalous deal borders on plunder, a non-bailable crime that could send the guilty to a life in prison.


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