Total approach to flood control

WHILE Dagupan City appeared to be the worst hit by last week’s rampaging flood, having borne the brunt of being the catch basin for all the water from the upland that pours into the Sinocalan River, other towns and cities suffered as much.

The flood brought about by torrential rains and two succeeding typhoons also destroyed bridges that are major links to western towns. The closure of the bridges led to the isolation of western towns for at least two days.

All these may have led us to believe that we have seen the worst, but in fact, we didnt. The feared spillover from the San Roque Dam did not happen. Imagine how far worse things could have been if the dam opened its spill gates.

It is in this regard that the holding of a summit of the province’s political leaders, (provincial, districts and towns/cities), together with environmental, risk disaster and management experts, and stakeholders in the province’s economic and business sector, has become imperative. They must come together and make a full assessment and plan options and alternatives to make Pangasinan a safe place to live in.

To confront and manage the disastrous effects of climate change, a total approach must be applied. Our usual kami-kami lang mindset must go and be replaced by “Atin to”!

Or we all sink together.


Duterte at Toyota

IN a stunningly pleasant stunt, President Duterte has acceded to becoming the guest of honor and speaker in the 30th anniversary of Toyota Motor Philippines August 1 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bonifacio Global City Taguig.  It was a milestone as it marked the first time that a Chief Executive has seen it fit to honor an invite from not only the country’s No. 1 car company but the world’s global leader in car manufacturing as well.  It can only mean that Mr. Duterte recognizes the key role that Toyota plays in the nation’s concerted effort to sustain economic growth.  In his speech, the President lauded Toyota’s unflinching embrace of employing thousands of Filipinos, creating investment opportunities and helping protect the global environment.

After his talk, Mr. Duterte received 30 keys of 20 Vios and 10 Innova models, plus three Hi-Ace vehicles, for the government to the warm applause of the 1,000 or so guests.   The “Toyota Way” in motion.

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