Cop chiefs told: Improve performance or else…


CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO –Chiefs of police in Pangasinan were given one more week by the Police Regional Office 1 (PRO1) to improve their performance. Failing that, they will be relieved of their posts to be taken over by their deputies as officers-in-charge.

This happened to 13 chiefs of police of Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur and La Union who were relieved effective July 31 by Police Regional Director Romulo Sapitula due to their poor performance, particularly in the war on drugs.

Sapitula said one more week was given to the chiefs of police in Pangasinan to improve their performance due to the calamity that struck the province.

Despite constant reminders to them to present better accomplishment on peace and order in the region, the 13 chiefs of police were found to have performed poorly.

The relief of the poor performing police chiefs were made effective July 31, 2018.

Sapitula personally visited police stations regionwide and reminded the chiefs of police to perform well and double their efforts in the fight against illegal drugs.

As head of office, it is their responsibility to improve crime clearance and efficiency in their locality, he said.

The relieved 13 police chiefs were assigned to police stations in Candon, Narvacan, Santa, Alilem, Salcedo and Sugpon in Ilocos Sur; Batac City, towns of Panili, Nueva Era, and Carasi in Ilocos Norte; and Santol, Burgos and San Gabriel in La Union.

Not only were these chiefs of police relieved and replaced by their deputies but were also reassigned as checkpoint supervisors.

“A way to ensure that the organization is working well is to see to it that the heads of units and offices are capable of doing the work assigned them,” Sapitula said.

“We have to set standards to continuously improve the performance of police officers in Region 1 and we will not tolerate any act of laxity and incompetence with our mandate,’’ he said. (Leonardo Micua)

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