Alert for 2018 election

THE seeming rash of killings of local elected officials in the countryside is the indicator that the 2018 election is on the horizon for incumbents and wannbes.

Fortunately for Pangasinan, political violence has been reduced to a very minimum level and in very few localities. But having said that, it will be foolhardy for the Pangasinan Police to put down its guard. It is, therefore, very reassuring that the PNP leadership in the province is taking all necessary preemptive actions to prevent violence from here until election day.

We must face the reality. The opportunities for assassination can be tempting for some politicos given the proliferation of guns-for-hire in the country. Tandem-riding hitmen have been able to continue to operate with impunity in many provinces.

In sounding the alert, we reiterate our recommendation to local governments and private sector to plan for the installation of many CCTV cameras in strategic areas that will make it difficult for hitmen to operate without risking being easily identified and traced.


Pray for Pacquiao

EVEN those reluctant to cheer Manny Pacquiao on in his fight today (July 15) submit they still need to pray for his victory.  There is but one overriding reason for that:  Pacquiao is our national treasure.  As such, he deserves our all-out support when he faces Lucas Matthysse of Argentina in their 12-round fight in Kuala Lumpur. Pacquiao will attempt to capture Matthysse’s world welterweight crown (147 lbs).

Pacquiao should have retired four, five, years or so ago as he has nothing to prove anymore.  His record of eight world crowns in eight weight divisions has no equal.  He is not wanting in money as he has become a billionaire.

At 39, he is a bit old for boxing.  But at 39, and already a senator, he has the zest and vigor to do a lot of good for his country—like authoring bills for our boxers’ uplift in particular and for Philippine sports’ development in general.

Let’s wish him well against Matthysse, 35, but most especially, let’s pray he won’t get hurt.  Seriously.

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