Dancing traffic policewoman wows drivers, commuters

MALASIQUI–From Kadena Queen to Traffic Dancing Idol, this traffic policewoman who grooves to an upbeat music while controlling traffic in an intersection is becoming an attraction here.

SPO4 Raquel Mamaradlo who dances to the beat of music uploaded to a sound system installed at the intersection, has been earning a lot of goodwill from both motorists and commuters as she directs traffic at the Poblacion district with ease.

SPO4 Mamaradlo: From Kadena Queen to Traffic Dancing Idol. (Punchphoto by Eva Visperas)

Mamaradlo, 53, a ballroom and zumba dancer on her free time, who felt deprived of time to join “Pulisteniks” time with fellow police officers every morning, finally sought and received approval to do her own while on duty beginning July 2. .

With the encouragement P/Superintendent Franklin Ortiz, town police chief, Mamaradlo downloaded songs and played these on a sound system that she, motorists and commuters could hear while she sashays with her stop-and-go and signals.

As a result, motorists just happily watch when told to stop and wait for their turn, some taking the chance to take pictures and video of her strutting her ware.

Mamaradlo, who has been in service for 25 years, said it’s the first time she’s doing this and she is happy doing it even under the heat of the sun or slight drizzle on her face.

She said she has been managing traffic the past two years being the supervisor of the traffic division but it is only today when she was tapped to show her graceful dance moves that she felt good about her job.

When she started to dance on July 2 on the streets, “I felt good and I’m happy with my work because I am able to make many drivers and commuters smile,” she said.

One time, she said she had signaled a go sign but one driver stopped and wondered why. “I found out he stopped to watch me for a while,” she added, smiling conceding that it also distracted some drivers.

“At least I am able to make them happy knowing we all have our own problems, yet I make them smile,” she said.

She is on duty from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

“This is for the people, for the town,” she said.

Before she became traffic dancing idol, she was known here as Kadena Queen for locking up motorcycles parked in prohibited area using a chain of shackles.

“So the Kadena Queen turns into Dancing Queen. So it’s a happy ending” she said.

Ortiz said Mamaradlo prefers to work outside where the action is, unlike some policewomen who prefer to do office duties. (Eva Visperas)


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