Vote to stop illegal drugs

IS Pangasinan winning the war on drugs?

Not quite so. We are seeing some 296 drug personalities who believe they can still win in their election campaign despite the aggressive stance of the government against them.  Their audacity to believe they can still win speaks volume of their perceived continued influence and existence of their local networks.

We see no other motivation on their part to seek barangay posts other than to make their drug networks continue to operate, and to have an opportunity to thumb their noses at the police and the Duterte administration that hounded them.

In fact, what is not told by the filing of certificates of candidacies is the fact most of those who decided not to seek reelection are actually running by proxy. They have children and close allies in the illegal trade picking up from where they left off.

Our voters must be extra discerning when they cast their votes Monday. At stake is the welfare of their family members who will be vulnerable to street pushers if we don’t stop the corrupt barangay officials now.


World record

JUST barely two years in Malacanang, President Duterte has already fired three Cabinet secretaries.  That is a Philippine record, if not a world record.

First to go was Interior Secretary Mike Sueno, followed by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre III and, only this week, Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo.  All three were axed for perceived corruption issues, a major platform in Mr. Duterte’s presidential bid that gave him a whopping 16-million winning margin in 2016.

Aside from the three, several more presidential appointees had been similarly shown the door.

“It pains me to see them go as they are among the most ardent in convincing me to run for President,” said Mr. Duterte.

Teo’s departure is another pointed proof that, indeed, there is not a single sacred cow in the present administration. Teo is the sister of Ramon Tulfo, the Inquirer columnist who is well regarded as Mr. Duterte’s most bosom buddy.

Bring it on, Sir!


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